Determined 2B Present Foundation

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Myles Dixson

I’m thrilled you chose to peruse me over —
because we’re a lot alike, you and me.
​We’re both determined to be identifiable.
Which means we both have Passion With Purpose!!

Mission & Vision

We are dedicated to helping parents forge lasting bonds with their children by ‘being present. We accomplish this by working in partnership with other like-minded organizations and by providing important resources to parents and their families.


Brave Respectful Optimistic Wise and Noble DADS. These dads are individuals who are confident in themselves and in their ability to do what is right no matter what obstacles they face. 

Principal Consultant

We do a lot to inspire a lifelong bond between parent and child through staying present in their lives!

strategic partnerships

If your non-profit or charitable organization's mission is to aide in the development of creating lasting bonds between parents and children, we want to help.

At that very moment I knew what I was meant to be for the rest of my life… Her Dad!
The year 2000 is forever special to me because I was blessed to be a 24/7,
Determined 2B present, best thing in the world to be…Daddy!